How Do I Know If I Have a Strong Personal Injury Case?

August 8th, 2022

Every accident and injury is different, so the process that you will need to follow to prove your claims may vary. Still, in general, you have a strong case if you have reliable evidence that shows who was liable for your injury. To prove liability, you’ll need to have evidence supporting each of these claims:

  1. The at-fault person had a legal obligation.
  2. The at-fault person failed in that obligation.
  3. As a result of that failure, you were injured.

This might sound complicated, but it’s simpler than you would expect. For instance, everyone has a “legal obligation” to drive responsibly. If we injure someone because we failed to drive responsibly, then we have to pay for their losses.

In the same way, a shop owner has an obligation to maintain a reasonably safe shop, an employer has an obligation to provide reasonably safe working conditions, and a dog owner has an obligation to keep their pet from injuring other people.