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Dedicated to getting you the relief you deserve.

As a personal injury law firm, we know that the effects of an accident can be life changing. Between the adjustments in your everyday life and the changes to your finances, it can be difficult to navigate the aftermath of a personal injury. Still, your first priority following an accident should be your own healing.

That’s why at Palma Law, we are proud to defend the rights of Texans who have been wrongfully injured by others. By helping our clients access the compensation that they are owed, Palma Law hopes to bring justice to those who have been harmed. If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Texas, let us help you get any financial relief you may be owed.

Companies and lawyers don’t intimidate us, Palma Law will fight for you.

At Palma Law, you are family, we take every case personal. We are committed to getting the best results and helping our clients rebuild their lives.


At Palma Law, we believe that your only job after a serious accident is to focus on healing.

Personal Injury

The harm that injuries cause can be more than just what we can see with our eyes. An attorney can help you fight for compensation for economic and emotional losses.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen even when we’re doing everything we can to avoid them. It’s important that you know about your rights to compensation.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents have the potential to be even more dangerous than car accidents, and passenger vehicles are far more likely to face significant damage.

Slip & Falls

Slip-and-falls might not sound that dangerous, but you never know just how badly a serious fall could hurt you.

Motorcycle Accidents

The sad truth is that motorcyclists aren’t just more likely to get into crashes: they’re also more likely to face serious injuries as the result of a crash.

Workplace Injuries

Business owners and managers have a legal responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe environment for their workers. If you’ve been injured on the job, get help.


Serious injuries can change our lives forever. If your injury was caused by the negligence of others, you deserve to seek compensation.

Refinery Injuries

The chemicals that refineries use every day can be incredibly hazardous, and its the refineries' responsibility to ensure the chemicals are stored and used safely.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes away, there is nothing that can ever make up for that loss. However, families of those killed due to negligence deserve some financial relief.


While explosions are usually associated with worker injuries, residents in nearby communities can also be seriously affected.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Dog bite cases can be especially difficult for us to navigate due to the personal aspect of being injured by someone else’s pet. A personal injury attorney can help.


Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding car accidents, filing a claim, and other legal issues.

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Laiza Palma is a true Texan, born and raised, and she is proud to give back to her community through her legal representation of those in need. With her background in physical science, Laiza is able to help her clients create effective arguments regarding the impacts of their accidents, while her legal experience gives her a clear understanding of the laws governing accident relief.

Laiza is a passionate personal injury attorney and will fight for those who have been harmed by the actions or negligence of others. As a Latina attorney, Laiza prides herself on bringing a compassionate touch to her work. To Laiza, each of her clients is like a member of her family, and she will fight tirelessly to represent them.

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We’re dedicated to helping you. We offer free case evaluations where you can recieve answers to your questions and learn about your next steps with absolutely no obligations.



Palma law has exclusively focused their practice solely to personal injury law and are able to provide personalized attention to all clients.

Their goal in every client’s case is to get the most possible for their injuries all the way through litigation. Palma Law is uniquely equipped to guide you through this difficult time. This means gathering evidence, possibly including police reports, medical records, accident statistics, expert testimony, and other complex information. A personal injury attorney can help you determine what evidence you’ll need and how to get it.

At Palma Law, we meet with clients who have been injured as the result of the negligence of others. Lives can be permanently affected by the damage caused by that negligence. We take pride in helping our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve. Whether your injuries are the result of a vehicle accident or slip and fall, we offer the dynamic legal ingenuity required to hold responsible parties accountable for the damage they caused.

By the numbers


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Hidalgo County saw a total of 16,263 car accidents in 2021, nearly 3,500 more accidents than were seen in the county in 2020.